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 Neema Development Co.    
P.O. Box 430, Cascade, CO 80809
(719) 271-3791





NEEMA: Swahili for Grace. We are deeply aware that our

efforts alone cannot produce lasting change.


​DEVELOPMENT: Of materials, of people, of economies.

CO: Company, co-creating, co-laboring, cooperatively.







Neema's poppy is highly symbolic. Known as the "drought-escaper", this striking bloom is ideally suited to desert environments. The poppy's seeds lie dormant until enlivened by rain, then flower quickly and scatter their seeds. This life-cycle reminds us of the individuals Neema seeks to serve. Often born into harsh circumstances, their full potential awaits the coming rain. When watered with opportunity, they quickly bloom and scatter their beauty for all to see.




We desire to see all of humanity liberated from that which holds us captive -- whether the bonds be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. While some roads to freedom are fraught with complexity, others are more simply navigated with access to knowledge and opportunity. Neema is passionate about partnering to see men and women around the globe receive life-changing knowledge in a manner that is relevant and accessible to their circumstance, education, background, and creede. We pray that the content and training materials we create for nonprofits and social enterprises will propel others toward the abundant life we believe is intended for all.




Our founder's existing training materials have been licensed in dozens of communities throughout East Africa, India, SE Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The quantifiable impact has been quite astounding over the years. As a result of Neema's unique and dedicated approach to business training, we find that 47% of graduates begin new businesses, 69% improve existing businesses, 67% begin budgeting consistently, and 30% begin to save for the very first time. Graduates typically increase their income by 50-200% within one year. 

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Sarah Ray lives in sunny Colorado with her family. She has worked in social enterprise and international development since 2008 when she co-founded Yobel Market as a means of promoting global artisans. ​Recognizing a pervasive need for in-depth entrepreneurial training in developing communities, Sarah created the first of several low-barrier business training curricula in 2012, and has since offered her programs to thousands of emerging business owners around the world. Helping friends succeed in business, gain stability, and achieve long-held dreams  brings Sarah great joy. Consulting provides an outlet for her12 years of experience, now extended to others pursuing sustainable development globally.

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