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Existing Product: Elemental Business Development Course

A uniquely engaging approach to entrepreneurial training for use in developing communities.

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Neema's Elemental Business Development Course was created in response to high levels of unemployment and poverty within developing nations. Our premier product, this off-the-shelf 16 module, 70 hour curriculum can be conducted over the course of several days or several months depending on preference. Our training methodology is extremely engaging, hands-on, and readily applicable to the lives of emerging entrepreneurs. Neema created our business training course as a practical means of fostering economic opportunity in order to prevent and mitigate poverty-related injustices.  Our hope is that individuals and families will gain the stability and freedom necessary to pursue hopeful and prosperous futures. Participants graduating from the EBD course are eligible to receive a certificate and will have completed a full business plan.

Course Overview

Outcomes from Business Training Programs created by our Founder


55% of entrepreneurs begin a new business after training. Of those in possession of an existing enterprise, 87% improve their existing business.


Graduates employ those in their community at 244% of their pre-training rate. Of those choosing not to begin a business, 86% report increased employability.


Nearly all graduates report an increase of income between 50-200% within 1 year of training, partly due to increased skills in budgeting and savings. 


Participants share their newfound knowledge with an average of 24 members of their community. Their economic stability impacts 6 additional family members.

“After this training there was a big revolution in my life and I have started my own business (sewing center). I have learned many things like color schemes and designing - I was really very encouraged after attending this training and I have applied these new ideas to my business. Through this training I came to know how to utilize my abilities and also am now fulfilling my needs on my own.”

Lifetime Licensing 

We offer ongoing licensing for the life of the copyright on each of our products, simplifying agreements and relationships. Our Elemental Business Development Course can be licensed either in its entirety or per module, allowing your organization to select the most relevant sections for your audience. Licensing costs are determined via algorithm that calculates intended use + translation + contextualization + number of modules in order to determine an equitable rate. If cost is prohibitive, Neema offers a limited number of reduced-fee licenses each year by application. Priority is given to indigenously led organizations.


Translations In Process 

While it is possible for a team of talented translators to assist in relaying the English translation of Neema's Elemental Business Development Course to most any audience, our scripted program is best received when facilitated by indigenous leadership in the most prevalent local language. In addition to translations, regional contextualizations of artwork and references are also recommended. New translations and contextualizations are available by contract for your region per licensing agreement.​ 

  • English Completed

  • Lugandan Completed

  • Spanish in Process

  • Thai in Process

  • Urdu in Process

Training of Trainers

Neema may be contracted to train local leaders identified by your organization to effectively facilitate and deploy our Elemental Business Development Course. When you choose to 'Train the Trainers' your organization gains an ongoing off-the-shelf, culturally relevant, and highly accessible entrepreneurship program with proven outcomes. After your initial investment, this program is easily replicated throughout the regions you serve. To join an Online Facilitator's Training click here.
Associated costs may include but are not limited to: licensing fees, transportation costs, ground fees, contractor rates, training supplies, catering, and facility requirements.

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