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Meaningful programs for organizations doing good.


Meaningful programs for organizations doing good.  

We believe that a sustainable model coupled with dynamic storytelling and intentional reporting is crucial to an organization's ability to cultivate dedicated, ongoing support. Neema exists to provide the engaging, culturally relevant, data driven content and training materials your organization needs to establish effective programs, communicate ideas authentically, and achieve the impact you hope for.


Meaningful narratives that convey your organization's impact through online media, newsletters, articles, blogs, impact reports, surveys, marketing scripts, and donor communications. Working closely with our clients, Neema Development uses both qualitative and quantitative data to craft engaging, on-brand content for your organization. Don't have a good measurement and evaluation system in place? We can help with that too! Learn more...

Highly customized, hands-on training materials created to launch and establish sustainable programs within your organization. Neema Development designs from-scratch, scripted materials that are both relevant and fun. We collaborate in creating original programs or adapting existing materials to better apply to a particular region, culture, religion, and/or educational background. While versatile, we specialize in facilitating global entrepreneurship and license existing curriculum to fast-track your initiatives. Learn more...
New & growing brand consultation to aid in conceptualization, construction, and marketing of your compelling social impact business. Our experienced consultants guide mission and vision, branding, product development, communications strategy, and initial business planning for those engaging in social enterprise in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Specializing in ethical trade, we have over a decade of proven capacity connecting global artisans to international markets.
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We partnered with Sarah Ray to provide both business training curriculum as well as in-person business training for the women we serve in Uganda. The curriculum is phenomenal. It is both simple and complex all at the same time as she teaches high-level business principles in ways everyone can understand. Our women loved learning from this curriculum and it energized them to know they are able to make a difference in their own lives and in their community. As far as in-person training, Sarah really impressed us -- the mamas and my entire Ugandan leadership team LOVE her. Sarah invests herself in others in such a way that they feel both taught and fought for. Our entire team considers her a part of our family and work from here on out. We know the principles she taught and the relationships she formed will bring endless results for years to come in the lives of our women and their entire communities. 

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Our Experience Speaks

Since 2008, Neema's founder has trained thousands of entrepreneurs across 4 continents and 16 nations while successfully connecting global artisans from 37 developing communities to international markets, all while scaling our own Colorado-based social enterprise.

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Our Training Methods Work

However well-intentioned, programs can only move the needle if those in charge of implementation and deployment are fully invested and properly equipped. Our training methods yield proven results. Surveyed graduates of our programs have high application percentages and speak of marked personal and professional growth. As an example, graduates of Neema Development's business training course typically increased their income by 50 - 200% within one year. 

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Our Content Delivers

Whether you are crafting a new website, blog, newsletter, annual report, fundraising campaign, or brand launch -- we know that words matter (and not everyone is good at them). With our experience in marketing and data based storytelling in both nonprofit and social enterprise sectors, Neema is equipped to help you convey your mission in a manner that is both authentic and compelling.


Our Giveback

Inspired by our colleagues at Unbridled Solutions, Neema Development follows a 20/20/60 model of generosity. Twenty percent of ALL proceeds are charitably given, off the top. We particularly love supporting the work of Shining Light International in Pakistan, Unbridled ACTS in Denver/Beyond, and Heal & Thrive Global in Uganda/Belize as co-investors in Neema's Essential Business Development Training.
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